Summer update.

Summer update.

Aug 25, 2023Lucy Adams

We hope that you're all having a lovely summer!

In July, we held our first ever Summer Sewing School; 4 days of sewing fun for 8-12 year olds. I cannot believe their talent! By the end of the week they had each designed and made an oversized hoody. It was an absolute pleasure to teach them and to see their creativity in progress.


Now that the evenings are starting to draw in and there's a very slight whiff of Autumn in the air, we have been busy planning our new schedule. We have the return of our much loved favourites such as Adult All Ability and Young Fashionista, as well as some new, exciting workshops and events, leading us all the way up to Christmas.

One question that we often get asked;  “I already have sewing skills and can confidently make my own clothes and household items. Is the Adult All Abilities suitable for me?”  The answer is “absolutely!” People have many reasons for attending a class with us. For some, it’s to learn the basics and create simple garments, for others it’s to have a couple of hours of “me time” each week,  but for a few it’s about elevating their sewing. This might be by learning how to manipulate a pattern, adjusting toiles to fit better, learning new techniques, tackling different fabrics or to challenge themselves to make a pattern from scratch. Whatever your reason, you will be welcomed and encouraged each week, with lots of assistance and a cup of freshly brewed coffee or tea.

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