Covid-19 required closure

Covid-19 required closure

Mar 21, 2020Lucy Adams

To all our customers, 

Further to our previous notice, and following the latest government advice, we have closed The Make Spot studio until further notice. As disappointing as this is, we must and will do everything we can to ensure this pandemic is dealt with as best and as quickly as possible. Our shop is still open online at and we will continue to fulfil all fabric, patterns and other purchases as long as we are able.

We truly appreciate the community we have built up and cannot wait to be able to welcome you all back through our doors. We also know how much many of you cherish the social aspect of our classes and workshops, and we are looking at ways we can potentially keep some element of this going virtually in the interim. Please keep an eye out for more details as we work out viability and the best way to achieve this.

If you have new or ongoing projects to complete in the coming weeks at home, we are currently offering a generous 20% off all fabric, including our Liberty range. If you want to support us further, then why not take advantage right now of a 10% discount on our gift cards, redeemable against any of our courses, workshops or products for a year from purchase.

Thank you and we hope to see you again soon!


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