A bold and beautiful Lady McElroy fabric

Spreading the Joy of Fabric Worldwide: Our Curated Range of Liberty, Lady McElroy, and Dashwood Fabrics has Wings

Dec 06, 2023Lucy Adams0 comments
Welcome to our small corner of the huge world of fabric, where the love for textiles knows no bounds! As a small but passionate fabric seller, we take pleasure in curating our collection, and carefully select the fabrics we stock, both to use in our fabulous courses and workshops, but also to sell worldwide. Each bolt of fabric that graces our shelves is not just material; it's a story waiting to be told.

We wanted to take a moment to thank our customers who don't get the chance to visit our studio and take part in our workshops and classes. It's always a delight when we receive fabric orders from places in the world we love or have only dreamt of visiting – from Canada and the USA to Australia and beyond, or closer to home in Europe, we've shipped special fabrics to customers around the world.

There's something very fulfilling about packaging these beautiful fabrics, knowing that they will soon become cherished items or part of someone's creative journey. Whether it’s a classic Liberty print destined to be a cosy quilt, a bold Lady McElroy repeat turning into a statement piece, or a whimsical Dashwood fabric, each order is special to us and a reminder that what we do matters, that our fabrics bring joy and inspiration to people around the world. It’s not just about selling fabric; it’s about being part of a creative journey that spans continents and cultures.

We’re thrilled to continue this journey, sharing our love for these stunning fabrics with the world, and will be adding some more fabrics to our range over the coming months. So, here's to the beautiful creations that have yet to be made and to the endless possibilities that a simple piece of fabric holds. Thank you for letting us be a part of your creative process – it's something that means the world to us.

Happy sewing, crafting, and creating to our wonderful community across the globe!

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