Unveiling My Fashion Journey: From Buttons and Bows to Custom-Made Cheongsam

Unveiling My Fashion Journey: From Buttons and Bows to Custom-Made Cheongsam

Mar 07, 2024Lucy Adams

I'm thrilled to be sharing a glimpse into my lifelong love affair with fashion and textiles. From creating my first magazine, "Buttons and Bows," at the age of 10 to the memorable fashion choices of my youth, my journey has been a vibrant tapestry of creativity and self-expression.

As a young dreamer, I immersed myself in the world of fashion through the creation of my very own magazine, "Buttons and Bows." Filled with my imaginative fashion designs, it was a small window into the budding fashionista within me. Even then, the allure of fabrics, colours, and design possibilities captivated my young mind.

Like many children with a love for fashion, my dolls became my first muses. I crafted intricate outfits, experimenting with textiles and styles. Playing dressing up was a favourite pastime, and the mantra was clear: the sparklier, the better! One vivid memory involves an '80s-inspired lemon yellow jumpsuit adorned with a red plastic belt, dangly earrings, and kitten heels. Little did I know, a fashion mishap was just a jump away!

At the age of 10, my penchant for fashion took a bold turn. The aforementioned lemon yellow jumpsuit, worn to a friend's birthday, became the highlight of my early fashion escapades. The daring splits, unfortunately, resulted in a ripped pair of trousers, marking the beginning of my adventures in fashion with a touch of unexpected drama.

Fast forward to 1994, my 6th form (Year 13) ball presented a unique challenge. Armed with clear ideas about my dream dress, which could not be purchased in a high street shop,  I insisted that my mum and I scour the fabric shops of Cardiff to find the perfect cream brocade. The vision? A Cheongsam-style dress. My mum, always up for a challenge, crafted a masterpiece that surpassed all expectations—a stunning Cheongsam dress paired with a matching dolly bag, a testament both to her skill and my unwavering fashion vision.


These first steps on my fashion journey from Buttons and Bows to a custom Cheongsam dress has been a colourful adventure, fuelled by a passion for fashion and an unwavering commitment to sartorial self-expression. Join me as I continue to explore the ever-evolving world of fashion, sharing stories, designs, and perhaps a few more unexpected wardrobe malfunctions and fashion faux pas!

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