Meet Lucy: Sewing Teacher, and Co-owner of The Make Spot

Meet Lucy: Sewing Teacher, and Co-owner of The Make Spot

Jan 17, 2024Lucy Adams

Meet Lucy: Sewing Teacher, and Co-owner of The Make Spot

Hi Everyone! I'm Lucy, the sewing teacher and co-owner behind The Make Spot. Nestled in a scenic corner of South-East Wales, I share my home with my husband, two teenagers, and our cat Luna who often likes to make an appearance during classes!

When I'm not immersed in the world of fabrics and stitches, you'll find me enjoying the simple joys of life. Whether it's lacing up my running shoes and pounding the pavement, teaching myself (badly) to roller-skate, losing myself in the pages of a good book, strategizing over board games with friends and family, or just savouring those cherished moments at home – each day is an adventure.

Sewing isn't just a skill for me; it's a passion that weaves through the fabric of my life. From the intricate details of historical fashion, creating free-motion embroidered pictures, to creating and adapting patterns, I find joy in every stitch.

I started teaching Art and Textiles almost 25 years ago, following a degree in Fashion and Textiles, specialising in Contour Fashion (more about that another time) However, my journey to The Make Spot began during my days as a Textiles/Art teacher in Bristol. The seed for was planted as parents marvelled at their children's creations, expressing a desire to embark on their own sewing adventures. Fast forward, and here we are at The Make Spot, a place where I not only teach sewing skills but also encourage individuals to explore beyond their comfort zones, all in our beautiful studio.  Whether it's guiding through the functions of a sewing machine, unleashing creativity with free-motion embroidery, creating bespoke items to wear, pattern adapting and so much more in between, I'm here to help you achieve your sewing dreams.



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